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jak 3 came out on 2004

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Q: What year did Jak and Ratchet came out?
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Who is better Jak or Ratchet?


What is jak and ratchet?

Jak is the main character in Jak 1, 2, 3, and 4. Ratchet is the main character in several Ratchet and Clank games.

How do you be jak in ratchet deadlocked in single-player?

You cant be jak in ratchet and clank deadlocked in single player.Since the name is 'RATCHET DEADLOCKED' dumbasses you cant be jak. :P

Who has better weapons jak or ratchet?


What will ratchet and jak be about?

I'm pretty sure that Ratchet and Jak is just a rumor. The pictures of Ratchet and Jak are just edited versions of a game informer issue cover from a few years back announcing jak 3 and ratchet and clank: up your arsenal.

Is Jak and Ratchet real or fake?


Who will win ratchet vs jak?

More than likely Jak would win. Ratchet is more of a racer that goes on small missions, whereas Jak has a whole series where he has gone through combat racing.

Is jak better than ratchet?

Hell yeah :)

Who would win in a fight jak daxter or ratchet clank?

ratchet would frash jak in a fight with his wrench

Who would win ratchet vs jak?

i think ratchet would just win by the skin of his teeth

Will Jak actually meet Ratchet in Jak and Ratchet?

nobody knows for sure ,it could be a roumor but they might because if u think about it ratchet and jak are like a sony version of sonic and Mario,they compeat against each other. so they might meet but it might just be a roumor note:sorry is i misspelled any of the words, im not the best speller :( ha-ha the game JAK and RACHET is nothing but a dream box cover...but thers a Mario and sonic at the Olympic games so who knows? jak and ratchet at the X GAMES using their hoverboards cool.

When was ratchet meets jak made?

it hasn't been made yet.