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Fuzzy Dice, Air Freshener, Beads, Cross, Graduation Tassel

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Q: What would you see hanging from a rearview mirror in a car?
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Are there any car air fresheners that smell good?

Yankee Candle makes both an auto spray and a rearview mirror hanger. They have many different scents to choose from and are not over powering. Also instead of hanging an air freshener on the rearview mirror you can tuck it under a seat.

What is an auto rosary?

A mini rosary that hangs from the rearview mirror in your car.

What is the little tab on a rearview mirror for?

It dips the mirror so that headlights from the car following don't dazzle you.

Your car must have at least one rearview mirror which gives view of the highway of at least how many feet to the rear?

Answers for . Your Car Must Have At Least One Rearview Mirror Which Gives A View Of The Highway At Least How Many Feet To The Rear.

What are 5 objects that contain a mirror?

Makeup compact Rearview mirror in a car Dressing table Bathroom medicine cabinet Telescope

Who is at fault if someone is opening the door of a parked car and their door hits the oncoming passing car from the rearview mirror on?

from the rear view mirror to the back of the car? or the rear view mirror to the front? as this does make a difference, also how close to the car where you?

What is the location of headlight sensor on a 1989 Lincoln town car?

The photo sensor for the auto lamp and auto dim on the 1989 Lincoln Town Car is located below the rearview mirror. The photo sensor for the auto lamp and auto dim on the 1989 Lincoln Town Car is located below the rearview mirror.

Where is the outside temperature sensor on a Mercedes Benz E320?

The temperature sensor is usually located on the front windshield of the car, in front of the rearview mirror

Why should you check your rearview mirror before you brake to a stop?

You should check to see if another car is following close behind you. If you stop unexpectedly, the other car might crash into you.

Where should you look when you backup in a car?

Everywhere! Look in the rearview mirror and both side mirrors, then turn your head and look to the left and right and behind to get the blind spots from the mirrors.

When passing another vehicle when is it safe to return to your lane?

Do not return to the right side of the road until you can see the tires of the vehicle you passed in your rearview mirror.

Can super glue hold a car rearview mirror?

Yes it can. Make sure first, that both surfaces are clean and de-greased by washing with a little lacquer thinner or similar.