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Hardly any at all. In fact, I can't think of any.

Here are two words beginning with every letter of the alphabet, almost (except x and z):

apple-tart & attercop;

bannocks & blimey;

carcase & carrion;

dragon-sickness & draught;

estimable & eyrie;

faggots & frizzled;

gledes & gammers;

hauberk & hobbit;

ire & idiotic;

jibbering & jabbering;

kine & kinsman;

laburnums & lullaby;

mithril & mattocks;

nippers & nimble;

ogres & orcs;

painter & pebbly;

quoits & quaff;

rune & ringwinner;

slowcoach & skin-changer;

tenner & thunder-battle;

underhill & unassessably;

vanguard & venerable;

woolly & warg;

yammer & yelping; and


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xylophone lol

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Q: What words start with the letter X in The Hobbit?
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