What words mean tranquil?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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calm, serene.

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Q: What words mean tranquil?
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What are words that relate to the word tranquility?

Tranquil, tranquilize.

What does tranquil bovine mean?

a calm cow

What does the name Adolf mean?

One who is tranquil with all.

What does transquil mean?

Tranquil means calm, quiet, peaceful, and untroubled.

What does the name Syrena mean?

The name Syrena means; calm, tranquil, serene

What does tranquille comme mon père mean in English?

As calm / tranquil / quiet as my father

What is a good sentence in using the word 'tranquil'?

I just need a tranquil moment to marshall my reserves. The oasis seemed tranquil enough. The glen was a very tranquil spot for our picnic.

When was A Tranquil Star created?

A Tranquil Star was created in 2007.

What is a sentence with the word tranquil in it?

The countryside appears to be very tranquil.I love to sit by the tranquil sea.

How many pages does A Tranquil Star have?

A Tranquil Star has 164 pages.

How do you say house of tranquil gardens in french?

maison de jardin tranquil

What level does tranquil evolve on Pokemon white?

Tranquil evolves into Unfezant at level 32