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Toot tat mom wow tot tit (left to right)

code cede deicide decide do doe deco bed bid bide bode box ox cox kook cook dock book coed coded chook echo coke boob (up and down)

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Q: What words look the same in the mirror?
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What are words that appear the same in front of a mirror called?

There are several words that are the same front to back and back to front so yes they look the same in a mirror a few easy words are mom dad pop there are many more words that can be added to the list as well

Do you look the same as in a mirror?

yes the mirror is an exact reflection you when you look into it

What are the symmetrical shapes?

they are shapes that are the same on the other side e.g a rectangle ....if you put a mirror on the shape if you look in the mirror it will look the same

Can you use look in and look at interchangeably?

Yes, you can use look in and look at interchangeably. EX: Look in that mirror. Look at that mirror. It basically is saying the same thing.

Would the word wow look same in a mirror?


Do O M A and H look the same in a mirror?


What does your cats eye mean if it is round?

Look at a mirror and make it as light as possible, look at your eyes Look at a mirror and make it as dark as possible, Look at your eyes What's the difference. Same with cats

Who do words look different when you hold them up to a mirror?

i think that's the way you can do it

Why are some letters reflected the same in a mirror?

Because they are perfectly symmetrical. go ahead and draw a square then look at it in the mirror :)

Would the word wow look the same in the mirror?

Yes, wow would be the same backwards as it is fowards.

What Happens when you look in the mirror?

when you look at the mirror it breaks

Do you look 4 times better when you look in the mirror?

No. You look exactly as you are when you look in the mirror. The mirror is a reflection on how you look. You do not look better or worse than when you look in a mirror. A mirror is a flat surface, and you have curves, so the mirror will not reflect your curves, but, unless it's a "fun house" mirror which is designed to distort how you look, almost all ordinary mirrors reflect exactly how you look. No better, and no worse.