What words end in flect?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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deflect, reflect, inflect, genuflect...

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Q: What words end in flect?
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Are there any words that end in -flect?

Yes, "inflect" is a word that ends in -flect. It means to change the form of a word to express different grammatical categories like tense, mood, etc.

What are some words that contain the root flect?

Inflect- change something or to bend or curve

What are words that have -flect- in them?

deflect,reflective,reflector,reflectoscope inflect,reflection,reflect,inflection,flection genuflection,reflctive,

Is -flect a suffix?

Yes, "-flect" is a suffix. It is derived from the Latin word "flectere," which means "to bend" or "to flex." When added to a word, it indicates the action of bending or flexing. For example, in the word "reflect," the "-flect" suffix conveys the action of bending or redirecting back.

What is the meaning of root word flect?

Deflect - to alter the path of an object by forceReflect - to bend or bounce a light source or image of a surfaceInflection - a form of a word altered by the addition of an affix

What does flect or flex mean?

"Flect" or "flex" both refer to bending or curving, usually in the context of moving a joint or muscle. It involves the action of decreasing the angle between two parts of the body.

What is the syllabication of the word genuflect?

The syllabication of the word "genuflect" is gen-u-flect.

What is the syllabication of the verb genuflect?

The word "genuflect" is divided as ge·nu·flect.

How do you break the word reflecting into syllables?

There are three syllables divided like so: re-flect-ing.

What is the base word of reflection?

flec or flect, re means do again, tion makes it a noun

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What scrabble words end in ej?

There are no English words that end with the letters EJ.