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The letters can be used to spell the 9 letter word evaluates. They also spell the 8 letter words emulates, evaluate, eventual and nauseate. They spell the 7 letter words alumnae, alumnus, autumns, avenues, enamels, leanest, mantels, meanest and tamales.

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How many words can you make .out of autumn leaves

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Q: What words can you make out of autumn leaves?
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Can you make a sentence using the word autumn?

The leaves turn colors in the autumn. It was the autumn of her life.

What words end in ing describing autumn?


When was Falling Autumn Leaves created?

Falling Autumn Leaves was created in 1888.

When was Autumn Leaves - painting - created?

Autumn Leaves - painting - was created in 1856.

When was Autumn Leaves - song - created?

Autumn Leaves - song - was created in 1945.

Do the leaves change color in autumn in Japan?

The Autumn leaves are very beautiful in Japan. Autumn is the best time to visit.

Why is autumn important to nature?

Autumn is important to nature because leaves fall which cause animal that make their homes out of leaves can make their selves new homes to live in and u can see all the pretty colors of the leaves in autumn.

What are the ratings and certificates for Autumn Leaves - 2005?

Autumn Leaves - 2005 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:AL

What are sample of alliteration in relation to autumn?

Alliteration refers to repetition of words with the same first letter. An example might be, "Loads of larks lounged among the Autumn leaves. "

What actors and actresses appeared in Autumn Leaves - 2012?

The cast of Autumn Leaves - 2012 includes: Sara Bocchini as Primavera Thomas Mettler as Autumn

Which season leaves fall from the trees?

Leaves fall from the trees in the autumn season. This is typically triggered by shorter days and cooler temperatures that cause trees to stop producing chlorophyll, leading to the colorful display of leaves changing and ultimately falling off.

Natural downside of autumn?

The natural downside of autumn is cleaning ponds of fallen leaves. Many people are outside raking leaves during the autumn season.