What words are used to describe luster?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Shine, shiny, brilliant, brilliance, bright, brightness, shimmery, shimmering, glossy, glossiness, radiant, radiance.

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Q: What words are used to describe luster?
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What word waxy pearly and dull describe a minerals?

The words waxy, pearly, and dull describe a mineral's luster.

Is luster a metallic element?

No. Lustre (or luster) is a description of a mineral's appearance by the way it reflects light. Glassy, metallic, adamantine, and waxy are some examples of words that may be used to describe a mineral's luster.

The words waxy pearly and dull describe a minerals what?


What words describe hail?

Hard Anoying Indestructive Luster

What term is not used to describe a mineral luster?


How light reflects from a minerals surface?


What is the property of luster in science?

Luster refers to how a mineral reflects light. It is usually metallic, glassy, or dull. Luster can also used to describe different kinds of minerals.

Is a physical property used to describe how the surface of a mineral reflects light?


What are the several words that are used to describe texture?


How do you describe luster conductivity?

luster conductivity appears in a mettalic form of state. it is also a solid

What do the term that describes how a mineral reflects light from its surface?

This is called the luster of the mineral.The luster of a mineral is the way its surface reflects light. Most terms used to describe luster are self-explanatory: metallic, earthy, waxy, greasy, vitreous (glassy), adamantine (or brilliant, as in a faceted diamond).

What is the light reflected from a minerals surface called?

The light reflected from a mineral's surface is called its luster. Luster describes the way light interacts with the surface of a mineral, giving it characteristics like metallic, vitreous (glassy), dull, or pearly appearance.