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Q: What word that is a noun and that has nine letters and starts with a E?
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What is anther word for love that has nine letters and starts with f?


Polite in another word that starts with the letters ci?

Civil, I had to do this in an English question when I was nine.

What 9 letter word starts with e and has the letters of you t n g a r o e in the word?

The nine letter word is entourage.

What 9 letter word has 5 vowels one of which starts the word and another ends it?

Alligator has nine letters, but the word only has four vowels.

What is a nine letter word for the letters aelccdnst?

There is no nine letter word that can be spelled with the letters 'aelccdnst'.

Word starts with W ends in L 9 letters long?

Wonderful is a nine letter word. It begins with the letter w and ends with l.

What words can make from letters onianiue?

The longest word that I can find is the 6 letter word union. The letters also spell the words in, inn, neon, nine, no, none, noun, nun, on and one.

What is a 9 letter word using letters o e i g f h t s r and starts with f?

A nine letter word using those letters is foresight.

What is a Nine letter word starting with a with letters aasetcrnl?

A nine letter word that can be spelled with those letters is ancestral.

Is there a word using the letters somnolent?

The word 'somnolent' is an adjective that describes a noun as sleepy or drowsy.There is no other nine letter word that can be made with those letters. Two seven letter words that can be made are moonletand moonset.

Is nine a noun?

The word 'nine' is a noun and an adjective.The noun 'nine' is a word for the number that follows eight; one of a series that follows number eight; a word for a quantity; a word for a thing.

What state capital starts with TN and has nine letters?

No state in the US starts with TN. However, TN is the abbreviation for Tennessee, and its capital city is Nashville, a 9 letter word.