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Q: What word starts with K and involves the thirteen colonies?
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What is sentence using the word thirteen original colonies?

I'm not certain whether or not Pennsylvania was one of the thirteen original colonies. The thirteen original colonies had their own flag. America's thirteen original colonies are to be found along the eastern seaboard of the North American continent.

What word starts with a c and has to do with the 13 colonies?

Colonial, Colonialism

What is a thirteen word answer for a word that starts with a prefix and tells the opposite direction to the movement of the hands of a clock?

counterclockwise has 16 letters is the word.

What is a word that starts with the letter a that involves Australia?

· Adelaide, Australia

What years do kids starts to be a teenager?

Whenever when you say the kids age, you have to say teen in the age, eg. thirTEEN is a teenager, but eleven is not because thirteen has the word teen in it.

What is a good word that starts with the letter n and involves the scientific method?

· nitrogen

What is a thirteen letter word that starts with w?

13-letter words that start with W include: wheelbarrowed, whitewashings...

I am writing a report on the thirteen colonies and need to write a word from each letter of the alphabet and cant think of a word for the letter x and z?

X-ray - they wern't invented then and Zebras are not found in any of the 13 colonies.

What word that starts with an s is how the colonies were rules by England?

status i think. but i could be wrong.

What is a 5 letter word that starts with a p and ends with s and involves in a game?


What is a word that starts with the letter u and relates with the colonies?

united, unified, unilateral, unjust (taxation)...

What is the homophone of thirteen?

The homophone of "thirteen" is "thirteen". A homophone is a word that has the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spellings as another word.