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When someone says one thing but does another they are being a hypocrite. These people are often mocked by others.

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Q: What word means to say one thing but do another?
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What is a word that means says one thing one way and another thing another way like a tattoo?


What is a word means change from one thing to another?

The word you are looking for is "transition." It refers to the process of changing from one state, form, or condition to another.

What word means to like one thing more than another?


What is a transum?

A transume is a change. The word transume means to transform from one thing into another, or to make a change.

How do you spell sydonim?

The word is likely one of these:pseudonym - a false name or pen namesynonym - a word that means about the same thing as another

What is the effect or influence of one thing on another?

The word is change. One thing will influence to change another thing.

What does seguence mean?

SEGUENCE is not a word, however SEQUENCE is. Sequence means "the following of one thing after another; succession."

How do you explain irony and ironic?

The word irony means saying one thing while showing another. The word ironic means that something happens in the opposite way that it was expected.

What is a word that means you think something means one thing but it actually means another?

Words with similar meanings are the adjective mistaken, and the nouns misinterpretation, misconception, misapprehension, and misunderstanding.

Which word means the same thing as talked on?

One such word is prattle.

What word means focusing on one thing?


What is the term that means the character says one thing and means another?