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A door is an opening.

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Q: What word means an opening in something that has 4 letters?
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What word means an opening for something?

an orifice is a hole in which something can be pass through.

What word has letters per and ture?

Peradventure is an archaic word that means uncertainty about something.

What is the word that means exact meaning of a word?

Definition. letters combined together to make something.

What 6 letters word starting with p means a fear of something?


What is a 4 letter word for close?

The word is shut. It means to move something into position so that it blocks the opening.

How many letters are in the word something?

There are 9 letters in the word something.

What word has seven letters starts with c and means to hold something inside?


What do the letters stand for in infinity?

Infinity is not an abbreviation. It is a word that means something without end.

What is a five letter word that has the letters igh in the middle that means perhaps maybe?

A five-letter word that means "maybe" is "might."

What does it mean when something is transposed?

To transpose something means to change it or reverse the relative position of something. For example one might transpose the letters in a word to make a different word.

What is a six letter word that means the chance that something unwanted will occur with the letters H EAT?


If you have the word chase and you take away the first two letters and you add one and the word means the foundation of something?

If you take off CH from the word chase (the first two letters) and add a letter (B) you end up with the word base. A base is the support or foundation of something.