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Q: What word describes a person who likes to hug?
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What is the meaning of the slang word xoxo?

Not too much, but maybe that he likes you a little.

You went in for a handshake and he pulls you in for a hug. What does it mean?

she likes you, or wanted a hug. depends on your realitionship,

What is a sentence using the word first person?

I'm going to hug the first person I see when I get to America.

What does your boyfriend do if he really likes you when you hug him?

He tells you he really likes you and then you kiss romantically

Why does a girl keep hugging you if she doesn't know you like her?

She likes you too, but is hiding it on the inside. Sometimes, that's not the case. Is it a friendly side hug or a love-related chest hug? If it's a friendly side hug, she likes you but as a friend. If it's a chest hug, she wants to date you

He always wants to hug you tight?

He probably likes you.

What if a girl hug you three times?

Maybe she likes you

What does it mean when the guy gets out of the truck to hug you?

He likes you. I would go on another date with a guy that got out to hug me!

How can you tell if a man likes you as only a friend or as more than a friend from the type of hug he gives you whenever he approaches you to talk such as for example a one arm side hug?

* Because he will tell you. * A friendly hug is a loser hug; one armed hug or hanging his arm over his friends shoulder. A hug from someone that loves you is more of an up close and personal hug where the person draws you very close to them and put their arms around your back or waist.

Spanish meaning of the word hug?


How should you hug your crush that likes you back?

Not too intimately.

Why did he give me a hug we don't know each other that well he give me a goodnight hug and a long one what does it mean?

he likes you