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Open Sesame

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Q: What word alibaba use to open the secret cave?
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Secret word in sharktooth island?

the secret word is open.

Is the word 'cave' an open syllable?


What is a noun for the word cave?

The noun 'cave' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a natural underground chamber or series of chambers open to the surface; a word for a thing. The noun form of the verb to cave is the gerund, caving.

What magic word did ali baba say to get into the treasure cave?

open sesame

How do i use the piece of paper to get through the cave on poptropica?

translate the word open easy!

What is the Welsh word for 'cave'?

The Welsh word for 'a cave' is ogof.

How do you use open as a noun?

The noun open is a word for out of doors; not hidden or secret; or a competition with no restrictions on who may compete. A noun can function as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb of a preposition. Examples: subject: The tennis open takes place this weekend. object: Your secret is out in the open.

Is cave a greek word or latin word?

Latin. "Cave" is from the Old French "cave" (a cave, vault, cellar; 12c.), from Latin "cavea" (hollow).

When was Cave of the Word Wizard created?

Cave of the Word Wizard was created in 1982.

When did Cave of the Word Wizard happen?

Cave of the Word Wizard happened in 1982.

How do you put the word open in the secret door in poptropica?

You use the decoder the girl gave you and match up the symbols

What another word for classify?

Synonyms for the word classified are confidential, top-secret, private, and restricted. Some antonyms for classified are open, public, and unconcealed.