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When I fill out that quesionaire in Pokemon Emerald, I said," LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL"

And then, you can access Mystery Gift.

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Q: What will you say in the questionnaire paper in the pokemart in Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you fill out the Pokemon Emerald questionnaire?

You can go to any Pokemart and on the desk there will be a paper. Just walk towards it and press A. P.S. If you want Mystery Gift write: "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL"

Where is the questionnaire in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The questionnaires can be found in any Pokemart. It is a clipboard (but it looks like a piece of paper) located on the counter near the cashier dude

What does the paper look like on the pokemart in Pokemon sapphire?

there is not one in sapphire emerald or ruby only in firered leafgreen and water

How do you get the mystery gift in Pokemon emerald?

go to any pokemart and go to the little sheet of paper click it and put LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL and youll get the MYSTERY GIFT!

Mystery gift in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to any Pokemart and press A on the paper. Put the words LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL. The lady will notify you that Mystery Gift has been activated

Which pokemart has the paper for you can write link together with all?

any Pokemon mart the is a paper

Which pokemart has the piece of paper in Pokemon pearl?

Every single one!

How do you get the Wonder Spot in Pokemon?

You don't. It's a machine used at Nintendo events in the real world to download Mystic and Aurora tickets. To be able to download at a Nintendo event go to a Pokemart on your game and press the A button when facing the little bit of paper on the counter and it opens the questionnaire. Then type in 'LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL' and when you exit the questionnaire the man at the pokemart will notice and tell you a bit about mystery gift. Then save your game.

Why isn't there any questionnaire in Pokemon emerald on my game?

Wait till you get the first badge then go to the pokemart check the little paper near the cashier and put in "Link together with all" the cashier will let you use mystery gift just save your game turn it off and when you press start on the title screen notice the mystery gift option is available.

How do you get a mistery box in Pokemon emerald game?

Go to the pokemart in any town enter,go to the piece of paper below the clerk put in LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL the clerk will talk to you then on the title menu you will be able to click on MYSTERY GIFT.

How tro get mystery gift in Pokemon emerald?

you need to go into a pokemart and them a paper should be placed on the counter and write "link together with all" and then save, turn your gameboy or Nintendo off and then back on. you should get the mystery gift option on the main screen

How do you use mystery gift on Pokemon emerald?

It is easy. Go to any PokeMart you want. There, near the seller must be any paper to fill. Write on it LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL and press OK. Save the game and reset it. Touch the option MYSTERY GIFT and get it.