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Q: What website do you go on to play poke mon?
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In poke mon heart gold go to level x?

yes they do

How do you use the radio in poke mon heart gold?

go onto your poke gear and look for the radio icon

How do you get a stunky?

first go to route 209 then use poke mon searcher wala you have stunky

Where to find Eevee?

in poke`mon pearl or diamond or platinum you go to hearthhome city and go to route 212 and go in the house go left in the room with a maid by it then go in and talk to backlot.

What island is mew on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Player can get Mew on Pokémon Leaf Green when they go to the Ranch. Players must then deposit 999 Pokémon are deposited in the Poke Box.

Where is a decent place to go on wi-fi for Pokemon in Australia?

easy the sunny coast heaps of good poke mon players in cluding me

Were can you find Pokeathlon Dome in Pokemon gold?

Go to the national park and from there you should be able to the pokeathlon dome in poke mon heart gold.

Were do you get a bike on poke mon FireRed?

go to vermillion, talk to the chairman and get a Bike Voucher, go back to cearelean and go to the bike shop, talk to the owner and he'll give you a bike

Where do you get a master ball in poke mon crystal?

When you get the last badge, Dc. Elm will call you saying that he has something for you, go to him and he'll give you the Master Ball :)

How do you get all Pokemon in the PC on platinum?

You go to the poke mon center and turn the PC on and put in someones PC and then click deposit Pokemon and you put your Pokemon in there.

How do you get a minun on poke mon diamond with action replay?

By entering a code. Seriously, can't you just go to the Trophy Garden and get one without having to hack the game?

How do you get a poke flute in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Go to the radio station in lavender town and go to an old man. he will give you a card. then go to your pokegear, then go to the radio icon. drag the circle to the top and it will saying poke flute. when facing a snorlax, go to it and play the poke fulte then press A on snnorlax. it will wake up.