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you can make a sword, and bow.

the sword can be in wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamond. you need three of these and a stick to make. diamond is the best

to make the bow you need some string and sticks.

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Q: What weapons can you make in minecraft?
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How do you make a spear in Minecraft?

The only weapons in vanilla minecraft are swords and bows (and arrows), there are no spears.

How do you get free weapons in Minecraft?

If you are asking if you can just find weapons lying around in Minecraft, that is impossible. The two ways to get weapons in Minecraft are by, 1. Crafting them in a Crafting Bench, and, 2. By trading Emeralds to Villagers that are offering them.

What will notch do to improve Minecraft?

with every update he changes lots of things to make the minecraft experience better. he improves the graphics and addes new tools weapons and mobs.

Are there Iron weapons on Minecraft?

yes there are iron swords. you make them the same way just with ingots instead of planks.

What are the weapons that are not found in vanilla minecraft?

The list is too large. You can literally make ANY kind of weapon with a mod.

How do you make weapons in free minecraft?

You can't. The free mode is creative play only. No mobs, weapons, items etc. just infinite amounts of blocks to place.

How do you have two weapons in mine- craft?

You simply craft 2 weapons in Minecraft.

How do you build weapons in minecraft on Kindle Fire?

you cant

What do you do with with diamods on Minecraft?

you can make diamond armour, weapons and tools. you can also make diamon blocks and use them like you do with wood or dirt and any other block.

How long do diamond weapons last in minecraft?

1562 hits

How do you make a wooden sowrd on minecraft?

Put a stick with two planks above it in the crafting grid. For stronger weapons replace the planks with other materials.

What are the weapons in Minecraft?

The current weapons without mods are swords (Wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond) and the bow. Also, axes can be used as weapons too, but are not recommended.