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Gran Turismo 5 is one of the most purchased games at over 7.5 million, but if you count Playstation Home as a game it is likely the most played.

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Q: What was the most played game ever on PlayStation 3?
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Can PlayStation 1 game be played on PlayStation 2?

most of them can be played on a playstation 2

What is the most famous game ever played?

The most famous game ever played id frontline fuel of war

What is the most popular selling Playstation game for all consoles?

The best selling Playstation game ever was Grand Theft Auto San Andreas featured on the Playstation 2 console with approximately 17.3 million copies sold.

What demographics use PlayStation the most?

Playstation is an old game console and not played by most users. It was made in 1994 and the PS2 came out in 2000 11 years ago.

Is World of Warcraft the most played game ever?

No, but it is the most played MMORPG to date.

Which is the most played game ever?

the most computer played game i think is runescape i play it myself it is really fun

Is PS3 the most played game system?

No with over150 Million PS2 consoles sold the Playstation 2 is likely the most played game system. The Nintendo Wii is under 100 million worldwide as of December 31 2011

Most beautiful Chess game ever played?

The "Immortal Game" - see related link below .

What is the most popular video game system?

Playstation 3

What is the best selling video game system?

The Sony Playstation 2 currently is the most sold game system ever boasting 154 million sales. The Nintendeo DS is the second most sold game system currently at 151 million sales.

What was the most popular invention of 1994?

The most popular invention of 1994 was the PlayStation PSX. It played CD-ROM based games and became the best selling game console.

What PlayStation 2 game are compatible with PlayStation 3?

most all of them, you just need to get the update that lets you play ps2 games and you get it at the playstation store