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The name that the game Growtopia was originally supposed to be called was Buildo.

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Q: What was the first name of the game Growtopia?
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Who was the first mod in growtopia?

It's either @Seil or @Play

What is Growtopia?

Growtopia is a 2D game created by Seth A. Robinson and Hamumu software. It was in stores on Jan 2013. Their motto: Punch. Build. Grow. Free in stores, and it's addictive!

Which moderator got banned first In growtopia?

I think is @Seil or @Play

How do you get a frankeinstien leash in growtopia?

You can craft it in the ez-cook oven/lab in growtopia but you need cemicals first in order to. You can ONLY get chemicals from the science table witch you have to splice.

Who are the creators of Growtopia?

Mike Hommel (Hamumu) and Seth Robinson created Growtopia.

How do you change your password on growtopia?

You can type in google 'Growtopia Password Recovery' and you can change it!

Is growtopia a dangerous app?

Growtopia is a dangerous game because so many people curse a lot and also so many people try to scam you of your items through these things called drop tests or trust tests

When was Growtopia created?

The actual creation date of Growtopia is currently unknown, but the release date is January 11, 2013.

What is the rarity of air robinsons in Growtopia?

In Growtopia, the rarity of air robinsons, also known as air robs, is 47.

How do you duplicate items in growtopia?

You cant

Who is Mike Hommel?

Co-creator of growtopia

Who are the youtubers for growtopia?

There are now tons of Growtopia players who make YouTube videos. Some of them include WickEr10, CocomonkeyGT, and OneEyeGT. These are just a few of the many Growtopian YouTubers.