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The problem is the father dont have money to go in the hospital for his daughter..

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That Mario has no money because he got fired on his job

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Q: What was the character problem in The World Is An Apple?
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Give you the setting and the main character of the story world is an apple?


Who are the major character of the play The World Is An Apple?

Mario, Gloria, their daughter and Pablo.

What is the setting of The World Is An Apple?

What problems took place in the life of the main character

Who is character of world is an apple?

the characters of the play by Alberto Florentino were Gloria,Mario,Pablo

What is the character analysis of the The World Is An Apple?

The play "The World is an Apple" is one of the most famous Filipino play by famed playwright, Alberto S. Florentino. In the story, it was shown how the main character Mario was forced to choose a path that he has long promised to not walk through again because of poverty.

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when Gloria was angry!! hehehehe i don't know the answer exactly i search for some one.! heehehe!

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