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$199 with controllers and Super Mario Bros

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Q: What was the Original price of a nes?
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How much is an original Nintendo model number SNS-001 worth?

The original NES would be about $2,000-$5,000 with the right buyer. The condition can lower this price a lot as you should try to clean it and keep it in the original packaging.

Where can one purchase an original Nintendo NES?

An original Nintendo NES is no longer available at retail stores, but they can still be purchased online. eBay has a list of used or new Nintendo NES's one can purchase.

What qualifies an Original NES game as new as Old NES games are worth a lot more when they're new so i was wondering what qualifies an NES game as new?

It has to be in its original box, no scratches/flappy bits.

How do you make original NES songs?

A program you can use for making original or edit NES songs is a program called FamiTracker. I don't know if it works on a Mac or not.

What is the most difficult game?

The original Batttletoads for NES.

Is the original Super Mario Brothers 3 for the NES or the SNES?

Super Mario Bros 3 was a game for the NES.

What is the average price for a Nintendo NES System?

The average price appears to be around 70 to 100 dollars. There are different condition ones that sell for different prices but if it were an average Nintendo NES System it would be about this price.

How much money did the original nes cost?

It was $99.97 collins

What is the world's most difficult game?

The original Batttletoads for NES.

What is the Justin Bailey code?

it,s a code for the original metroid on nes

How much health does lich have in the original final fantasy?

He has 400 hitpoints in the original NES version of Final Fantasy.

Do you have any directions for the legend of Zelda clasic nes series?

Try buying an NES Game Atlas from Ebay or some other online store. The "Classic NES Series" for the Game Boy Advance makes very little, if not, no change to the original NES games.