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Q: What venomous snake's name can be coined from the word 'dread'?
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What is the name for a poisonous snake that can be coined from the word dread called?


What is another name for snakes its like verminous?

venomous , to have poison fangs

What is a viperous?

A viper is a snake. Viper is another name for one group of venomous snakes.

What are the poisons snakes?

Firstly snakes are venomous not poisonous, there is a huge difference between the two. There are 100's if not 1000's of different species and sub-species of venomous snakes. Too name a few: rattle snake, cobra, green and black mamba (black one is a beautiful looking snakes and extremely dangerous), a puff adder, gaboon viper, a inland taipan (the most venomous land snake, native to Australia) etc. Your best bet is to Google venomous snakes and you'll see there are thousands of different sub species of venomous snake

Venomous snake with six letters in its name?

There are many venous snakes. However, one that has six letters is the rattle snake. It is found in desert climates.

What is the birth name of Judge Dread?

Judge Dread's birth name is Alexander Minto Hughes.

What was the name of the dread pirate Blackbeard?

The real name of the dread pirate Blackbeard is Edward Teach :) Thank You

What was the real name of dread pirate blackbeard?

The real name of the dread pirate Blackbeard is Edward Teach :) Thank You

King cobra is predator to what animal?

the scientific name for king cobra is Ophiophagus hannahwhich literally means snake eater. The king Cobras diet consists of mainly rat-snakes. but also of smaller pythons and other smaller venomous snakes.

What is the scientific name for a viper snake?

The scientific name for viper snakes is Viperidae.

What is the scientific name for 'mudu karawala'?

Bungarus CeylonicusIt's the 2nd most venomous snake in Sri Lanka. Widely distributed in wet zone. mainly feeds on other small snakes including burrowing snakes. Nuerotoxic venom is present.

What are Milk Snakes?

The milk snake got its name because people many years ago thought they drank milk directly from cows. The reason they thought that is because the snakes liked to hang around barns where the cows were kept. But they were not there for milk, they were there for the mice and rats which were feeding on the grain.