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I have never played pokemon black or white, but in firered and leafgreen the list is like this. ( I don't know if black is different but it probably isn't. )

Fire: hurts grass ice bug and steel

Water: fire ground and rock

Electric: water and flying

Grass: water ground and rock

Ice: grass ground flying rock and dragon

Fighting: normal ice rock dark and steel

Poison: grass

Ground: fire electric poison rock and steel

Flying: grass fighting and bug

Psychic: fighting and poison

Bug: grass psychic and dark

Rock: fire ice flying and bug

Ghost: psychic and ghost

Dragon: dragon

Dark: psychic and ghost

Steel: ice and rock

Hope this helped you out a bit

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Q: What type of moves are super affective against other moves in Pokemon Black?
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What is dragon type super affective against in Pokemon?

Dragon-type moves are super effective against Dragon-type Pokemon.

What is super affective against dark Pokemon?

Dark type moves such as night shade,shadow punch,etc.are super effective against dark Pokemon.

What moves are affective to quagsire in Pokemon SoulSilver?

earth, fire, and grass are all super affective to quagsire in Pokemon soul silver

Pokemon sapphire what moves are affective on magneton?

ground types are

What is super affective on the Pokemon gyardos?

Thunder Electric type moves

What Pokémon are really effective against dark Pokémon in Pokémon black?

Pokemon that know fighting moves and Pokemon that know bug moves.

What does the ability Wonder Guard do in Pokemon?

it makes it so that only super affective moves hit

What are fire Pokemon weak against?

Ice and Grass are weak fire isn't affective against steel and water all the other types can have alot and a little but that depends on the level of that certain Pokemon (sorry about the bold face)

Is this a good Pokemon team for platinumMamoswineLuxrayTogekissEmpole...?

yeah, its alright but if you get another Pokemon game, get one of the starters then transfer it to your other game you can get inferniape, empoleon and torterra. teach inferniape fight and fire moves, empoleon flying, steel and water moves, torterra grass and ground type moves. if you do this, the only remaining types that you need to be effective against are flying, psychic, ghost and dragon. there are two choices of Pokemon based on this: (a) froslass, whose ice type affects flying and dragon or (b) rotom in his fridge form as electric is also affective against flying. hope this helped! my team is the three starters and rotom because his only real weakness, ghost is affective against the things that are affective against it, if that makes sense, and its ground weakness is immobilized by its ability, levitate. a bit of a long winded answer, but it works for me!

What Pokemon are weaker against dragon moves?

Dragon type moves are only super effective against Dragon type Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon are good against fire type?

Ground type moves, rock type moves and water type moves are super-effective against fire type pokemon.

What is good against ground Pokemon?

Water type moves and Grass type moves. Electric moves will have no effect. Flying types and Pokemon with levitate ability are good as ground-type moves have no effect against them.