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Q: What type of game is mutiny nitrome?
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What was the name of the pirate game that was kinda like territory war?

Mutiny on nitrome

When will mutiny 2 come out on nitrome?

There won't be one. Not every game gets a sequel.

What is the best nitrome game?

This depends on what type of game you like. My personal favorite is Steamlands.

When is the next game after in the doghouse on nitrome coming out?

the next game coming out on nitrome after "in the doghouse" is "numbskull" and then "bomba"

Is nitrome illegal?

No nitrome is not illegal, it is a u.s based game company. why would it be illegal?

What will the next nitrome game be?

I DONT KNOW BUT ITLL BE AWESOME as nitrome games are ALWAYS awesome!

What is nitrome's 50th game?

It is called 'Nitrome Must Die' although it is often shortened to 'N.M.D'

Is balloon maker from nitrome back?

yes it back but its not on nitrome. its a game website called flash games but it was deleted, although nitrome is having vot to have it back or not.

When is nitrome going to make a new game?

Nitrome makes roughly 2 games a month, and each game takes a month to build

What is the game after droplets on nitrome?

Double Edged

What was nitrome's 2011 Christmas game?


What is the game after droplets on nitrome com?

Double edged