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Dark-Types are weak against Fighting-Types and Bug-Types.
Fighting Type moves. A Lv. 51 Machoke could easily take out a Lv. 63 Darkrai within 2 turns.

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Q: What type of Pokemon is strong against dark type?
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What type of pokemon is strong against dark type pokemon?

Fighting type and bug type are strong against dark type Pokémon.

What are light type pokemon weak and strong against?

light type does not exist, but if such Type were real it's highly likely that Light would be strong against Dark and Ghost and weak against Dark.

What type of Pokemon are weak and strong against dark types?

Weak: Psychic Strong: Fighting

What is strong agenst psycic in Pokemon?

Psychic Pokemon are strong against fighting and posion types, but they are weak against dark type. The best basic psychic Pokemon is Alakazam

What Pokemon is strong against sigilyph?

Sigilyph is weak against Rock, Ghost, Electric, Ice, and Dark type Pokemon.

Are Fire-Type Pokemon strong against Dark-Type Pokemon?

No. Fire-Types are strong against Grass-Types, Bug-Types, Ice-Types, and Steel-Types. Dark-Types are weak against Bug-Types and Fighting-Types.

What type is good against physic?

Ghost-type Pokemon are strong against Psychic-types. This is because Ghost-type moves are super effective against Psychic types, giving them an advantage in battles. Additionally, Dark-type Pokemon are also strong against Psychic-types.

What Pokemon type is strong against pyschic types?

Dark, bug, and ghost.

Which type are dark type Pokemon good against?

A dark type is good against ghost and psychic types

What Pokemon type is strong against psychic?

The most effective type to use is Ghost, Bug, or Dark.

What type of Pokemon are strong against physic Pokemon?

The three main Pokemon types that hold an advantage against psychic type Pokemon, are bug, ghost, and dark types. Ghost and Dark type Pokemon are usuallypreferredby trainers, usually due to their accuracy, and high critical moves, such as Night Slash. Odd enough, Dark type Pokemon are weak against bug types, while Ghosts are weak against Ghost and Dark types.

What type of Pokemon can beat dusclops?

Types that are strong against Dusclops (ghost) are: Dark Ghost