What type of Pokemon is Mareep?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mareep is an Electric type pokemon.

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Q: What type of Pokemon is Mareep?
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What is the national pokedex number for Mareep?

Mareep is #179 in the national pokedex, and it is an Electric type Pokemon.

In Pokemon gold where can you find electric type Pokemon?

you can get mareep in between the violet city and union cave

What is mareep evolved form?

Mareep evolves into a Flaaffy, then an Ampharos.

What Pokemon should you get for a Scyther in Pokemon?

Scyther is Bug/Flying type. I would suggest getting a Fire type (Ex Growlithe) or an Electric type (Ex Mareep).

In Pokemon battle arena when do mareep evolve?

mareep evolves at level 15 then at level 30 in Pokemon crater

How do you get ampharos in pokemon soulsilver?

You can either catch a mareep, breed a mareep, trade a mareep or go to the global trade station and ask 4 a mareep/ Ampharos :)

In Pokemon what does Mareep turn into?

I understand why you used " turn into." Anyway, Mareep turns into Flaffy.

Pokemon Crystal how to get mareep?

with a pokeball

What level does Mareep evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

Mareep will evolve at Level 15 in Pokémon Crystal.

How do you get Pokemon mareep on Pokemon FireRed?

in 4-7 islands

What Pokemon does mareep evolve into?

it evolves into ampheros

How do you catch mareep in Pokemon FireRed?