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The 20 GB PS3 could play PS2 games and so could the 60 GB model that was released with it and those machines are called the first generation PS3 Models. The second Generation PS3 model were the 60 GB Model and the 80 GB model and while they could play the PS2 games it was based on Partially software-based PS2 emulation while the earlier models were Hardware-based PS2 emulation. These 1st and 2nd generation PS3 models all included 4 USB ports and also had Flash memory card readers. The 3rd generation of PS3 models had the 40 GB, the 80 GB, and the 160 GB Harddrives but only 2 USB ports and do not play PS2 games with backward compatibility. The fourth Generation of PS3s are the 120 GB and 250 GB PS3 slim model which do not play PS2 games with Backward Compatibility. All PS3 models play PlayStation 1 Games and do so through software emulation.

If you have a PS3 model that has only 2 USB ports there is no way to get it to play PS2 games, no cables, hardware, software, or downloads will allow it to play PS2 games. Even if Sony were to update the software it still would not work because the second generation were only a partially software based emulation and the hardware portion was eliminated in later models.

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Q: What type of PlayStation 3 will play play playstaion 2 games?
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Can a PS3 play PS2 games if it can what type of PS3?

Yes. All 60 GB can, same with the 20 GB, but with the 20 GB you will not have WiFi. The OLD 80 GB can play PS2 games aswell but the newer "core" models will not. Also the OLD 80 and 20 GB emulate PS2 game play, so not every PS2 games will be playable. All new PlayStation 3 systems will not play PS2 games, as of now. All PlayStaion 3 systems can play PS1 games.

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