What type is giritina?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What type is giritina?
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How do you get to giritina?

If you want to defeat GIRITINA just do it but use a quickball to do it that thing is ghost type so be carful

Where do you get giritina?

you get giritina in the distortion world. It really is quite simple

What is the platinum orb in Pokemon Platinum?

The "Griseous-Orb" is found in "TurnBack-Cave". It is item to be held by Giritina. It powers up ghost and dragon type moves and turns giritina into origin form(e).

What is the easiest way to catch giritina?

you could get a giritina from a trade or action replay

What are the best ghost type moves other than shadow force?

shadow force only giritina knows this move

Can you catch giritina in Pokemon Black?


How do you get giritina in pearl?

spring path.....

How do you spell the Pokemon giritina?


How do you get giritina on Pokemon White?

You can't.

What is the legendary Pokémon in Pokémon platinom?


Where is giritina on Pokemon platinum?

Spear Pillar

How do you find shiny giritina?

Save in front of Giritina and battle it. if it isn't a shiny, turn off the ds and try again. It will take a long time.