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fantina ia a ghost type gym leader Pokemon : Drifblim Lvl.32, Gengar Lvl.34, and Mismagius Lvl.36

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Q: What type is Gym Leader Fantina in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?
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Who is Fantina in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

She's the gym leader of Hearthome City and an user of ghost Pokemon.

What gym leader lets you use surf?

The Hearthome gym leader Fantina lets you use surf in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

What gym lets you use surf?

The Hearthome gym leader Fantina lets you use surf in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

What city is fantina in Pokemon pearl?

Fantina is the 5th gym Leader in Hearthome the Ghost type gym.

What Pokemon does the gym leader have in heart home city gym?

For Diamond and Pearl Fantina has: Drifblim Gengar Mismagius For Platinum she has: Duskull Haunter Mismagius

Where is the HM in Hearthome City?

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, there isn't an HM to obtain in Hearthome City. Relatively, you can get TM65 from Gym Leader Fantina after defeating her.

Where to find fantina the gym leader from Pokemon pearl?

she is on the contest hall in Hearthome City.

Where will you find Fantima Pokemon gym leader in Heartrome city Pokemon pearl?

In Diamond and Pearl, Fantina cannot be challenged until the Old Charm has been delivered to the Celestic Town elder at the request of the elder's granddaughter, Cynthia.

Where do you do after i get the fifth badge?

1.In diamond fantina2.In pearl fantina3.In platinum Wake because fantina is your 3rd Leader

Why is Fantina not at her gym and when will she return in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you have to defeat the leaders before her then fatina will come she is ghost type

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl can you become a gym leader?


Where do you get to the third badge on platinum?

In Pokemon Diamond, you are not allowed to go to Leader Fantina's Gym. (Shadow Type Pokemon). So, get to Veilstone City and Battle Leader Maylene. She uses fighting type pokemon. It is the same with pearl. In Pokemon Platinum, when you just get in, a Buneary will bump in to you and a trainer will come. She thanks you and tells you to go to the contest hall. After your mom gives you a tuxedo/dress, there is a girl in a purple dress which is Leader Fantina. She goes back to the gym, and you are available to battle her.