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noteblocks and jukeboxes

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Q: What two things do you use to play music in minecraft?
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What can I do to play Minecraft?

If you are wanting the game Mindcraft you can to two things. You can borrow it from someone or buy one.

What are two things students will learn in a general music class?

how to read music notes and how to play music!

What are some good minecraft sites?

Planet Minecraft and Minecraft Wiki are two sites i can think of.

Can you play minecraft multiplayer on one xbox with two remotes?

Yes you can.

Can you play normal minecraft with adventurecraft installed?

Yes you can minecraft and adventurecraft run as two separate exes Source: Personal Experience

How do you play two player on minecraft for xbox?

you must have a HDMI cord hooked up to your TV to play splitscreen.

Can you play offline on two computers with the same minecraft account?

no if online yes if offline

What is better club penguin or Minecraft?

Ok. It depends on two things. Good at computing and age. If you are good at computers Minecraft is better. You'll be able to download maps to play but if your younger than 10 it gets boring. I'd say Minecraft cause I'm older than 10 and could at PCS and MACS

Can you play minecraft with two controllers?

If you are referring to the Xbox version, yes you can! The only downside is that you have to have HD to play split screen.

Is Minecraft better than Fortresscraft?

Minecraft and Fortresscraft are two completely different games, made by completely different people. Fortresscraft looks like Minecraft, but it really depends on which one you play more.

How do you get two player on Minecraft?

You set up a whitelist server, and only whitelist the person you want to play with.

Can zippo lighters play music?

only one or two of them