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Conductor in a magnetic field with relative motion between the two.

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Q: What two important requirements are necessary before generator action is possible?
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Why is necessary to control over speed in a motor?

over speed control is recommended for all prime mover driven generator to prevent over frequency operation of load connected to a system supplied by the generator and also to prevent possible over frequency operation of the generator itself from Ac system.

Is it possible to turn a 2.7kva Honda generator into a welder generator?

No, the output voltage is too high.

What are some benefits of having an eco power generator?

Well you want it to be efficient since the idea of a generator is to give you power when your regular power source is down. If you power your generator with gas then you want the generator to use as little as possible and also to produce the cleanest exhaust possible.

Is it possible to run a generator without voltage?

a big no

Is it possible to use standby as prime generator?


Can DC series generator start on no load? is possible to start dc series generator on no load condition

A generator transforms?

A generator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Is it possible to load a shunt generator to short circuit and not injure the machine?


Is it possible to use a dc motor as a prime mover for a three phase syncronous ac generator?

It is possible to use it

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Where it is possible to order online replacement generator parts for temporary power use at home?

It is indeed possible to order online replacement generator parts for temporary power use at home by going to the site of manufacturer and ordering it.

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