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You must have a FEMALE Budew / Roselia / Roserade,

and a pokemon of the opposite sex, I would suggest getting a ditto, therefore whether the Budew / Roselia / Roserade is male or female, the egg will always turn out Budew.

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Q: What two Pokemon make a budew egg?
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What are the Pokemon egg groups for Pokemon white?

it is so you don't have to have two of one cirtain Pokemon to breed them. only two in the same egg group

How do you get a budew to evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

Budew does not evolve from leveling it up, Budew evolves from friendship. you will know it has full friendship with poketch app friendship checker, which you get from the president of the poketch company, and when budew has two giant hearts, it has full friendship. I suggest giving it a soothe bell, feeding it pofffins, walking with it in the area north of hearthome, and battling with it. If you want a roserade use a shiny stone which you can find in the side entrance of iron island NOTICE: Budew will only evolve from friendship DURING THE DAY

When you leave two Pokemon in the Daycare in Pokemon Emerald are the exp points split between the two or are they each getting one point for every step?

For each step they get there own .and if you leave two Pokemon of the same type like two grass types together they can make an egg you will know if you have an egg if the daycare guy is standing out of his ussal place

Do you have to have a female Pokemon with Ditto to make a egg?

No it can be female or male.It can also be genderless, but not lengendary. Manaphy and Phione are two exceptions.

How do you get a Pokemon egg from day care center in Pokemon ruby?

If you left two Pokemon that are of different genders and are of the same egg group, you can get an egg from the Day Care Man outside of the Day Care after you've left the Pokemon there for a while.

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What two Pokemon do you put in the daycare to make the Pokemon egg zorak and who?

Zoroark and Ditto.

What two Pokemon make a Dialga egg?

You cant breed legendarys

Is chimchar Palkia budew mothim Froslass gallade a good team on Pokemon diamond?

No, because it has two weak pokemon. You should get a Rapidash.

How do you make a Pokemon egg fast in silver?

To make an egg fast, make sure you have two Pokemon that like each other. Ask the daycare man to make sure if they are interested in each other or not. Make sure the Pokemon are capable of breeding, as well (i.e. no legendaries).

On Pokemon Diamond were do you get an egg?

Take the two Pokemon you want to breed (No same gender or no gender) and put them in the daycare center. If you choose to put together two different Pokemon (Make sure the two are compatible), the egg will turn out to be the same Pokemon as the female. ~Sari

How do you make a egg in Pokemon diamond?

get a ditto and what Pokemon you want to be in the egg to the day care put them in the day care together then later they will say they found a egg or instead of a ditto bring two of the same Pokemon opposite genders and do the same

Find a pokemon egg?

to get a pokemon egg you must leave two compatible pokemon in the daycare center together. after awhile they will breed an egg

How do you get an egg on Pokemon FireRed?

you go to the daycare and put in two Pokemon if they like each other they will mate and have an egg you then go to the daycare man and he will give you the egg (you could also ask they daycare man if they like each other and it takes awhile for the Pokemon to make an egg)

How do you create an egg from two other Pokemon?

You have to use the Daycare Centers in the Pokemon games to get an egg. For example, leave a genderless Ditto with a male Venusaur to get an egg that contains a Bulbasaur. Remember, if you breed Pokemon, you have to make sure they are compatible with each other!

What are the Pokemon egg groups for Pokemon white?

it is so you don't have to have two of one cirtain Pokemon to breed them. only two in the same egg group

Can two different Pokemon species lay an egg?

yes... for example a manaphy and a ditto make a phione

How can you get an egg from Pokemon FireRed?

beat the Pokemon league and go to 4 island and breed two compatible Pokemon and BAM! you have an egg