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________ Okay, Feebas is like the hardest-to-get (and most frustrating) non-legendary. To catch it, go to the route west (left) of Fortree city. Then, surf along the river and use a rod (I've heard that any type works) to fish up a feebas! sound easy? here's the catch: Feebas is only in 6 squares of the river! These squares DO INCLUDE the plots north of the waterfall, including where you need an acro-bike to get to, so keep looking! these squares are generated randomly, and can be changed by changing the "Catchy Phrase" in Dewford. Note: The change is RANDOM! This means that there ISN'T a set phrase for a set location. It will change randomly whenever the phrase changes. Once you locate Feebas, you can fish it in that exact spot! I've heard that, although it is in very few spots, it has like a 60-80% catching ratio, so you should come by it fairly often when you locate it. I would recommend fishing the spots about 3 times or so (at least) so you can be sure Feebas isn't there. Note: Feebas WILL NOT change location on the passing of a day or turning off the game. it will ONLY change when you change the catchy phrase in Dewford.

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Q: What trendy phrase do you need to catch Feebas in Dewford City in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where to find feebas in Pokemon Emerald?

on route 119 there is a fisherman when you battle him he will have the feebas you can catch them right in front of where he is fishing unless you changed the catchy phrase in dewford town then its position will change

In Pokemon emerald are the six spots where you catch feebas together?

no they are random. since you already know there are only six I'm assuming you also know that they change with the phrase you enter at Dewford town.

On Pokemon sapphire which tile of water is feebas on?

The six tiles change depending on the ''hip'' or "trendy" phrase in Dewford.

What is meant by the 'spots can be randomized by changing the trendy phrase' in Dewford in Pokemon?

People say the phrase changes the location of Pokemon in the wild, but it doesn't. It randomizes where feebas can appear because feebas only appears in 6 squares

Where do you find feebas in Pokemon Emerald?

Answer:Feebas is found only in 6 tiles in the river by fishing on Route 119. The fishing spots Feebas is found in are randomly generated. They randomly change whenever the trendy phrase in Dewford Town changes (which can change on its own!)

Where is Feebas found in Pokemon Sapphire?

Feebas is found on the patch of water in the route to the LEFT of Fortree, in 6 Random squares, which change when the Dewford trendy phrase is changed. You will need to fish for Feebas.

How do you get febas in Pokemon Ruby?

You can capture Feebas on Route 119 in Pokemon Ruby, this is dependant on the phrase in Dewford (that changes it's location) and is luck to find the correct tile that Feebas appears on when fishing.

What are the 6 squares in Pokemon emerald I Know it is in route 119 but what is it?

its eterna forest... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are a dork Eterna forest is in the SINNOH region, not in the HOENN The six fishing tiles are the changing areas where Feebas is at. Its location changes every time when you change the Dewford Town "Trendy Phrase" by talking to the boy in front of the Dewford Hall and telling them that the phrase he is talking about isn't trendy, Sorry but i never caught a Feebas only in Pokemon Platinum, not even Pearl & Diamond... GOOD LUCK

What is a trendy phrase in pokemon emerald?

In Dewford Town there is a fan club of phrases that are trending throughout the world an advocate of these phrases is outside the club waiting to hear the lastest phrases from the players if you choose to change the phrase the game's program code for finding the pokemon Feebas on the Route southwest of Fortree City will be changed.

Exact location of feebas?

Feebas is a Water-type Pokémon that can be found by fishing in various locations in different Pokémon games. In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Feebas can be found by fishing in six specific tiles on Route 119. These tiles change daily and can be difficult to pinpoint without the use of a tile finder tool.

What does the trendy phrase in Dewford have to do with caching feebas?

Well in route 119 there are 6 tiles in the whole river that you can catch feebas in and the dewfofd hip phrase changes which tiles they are

How do you get Feebas on Pokemon Emerald?

Just to let you know, that Feebas is confusing to catch. Anyway, here is the answer. Around route 119, theres is over 100 square tiles of water. Feebas appears in only 6 tiles of water. Feebas stays in those tiles of water until you change the "Trendy Phrase" in Dewford Town. When you change the phrase, the tile locations will be switched to other tile locations. It doesn't matter what phrase you say. If one person says the same as another and finds a feebas, in the other game, theres a big chance that the other person won't find it in the same location.