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any tree in cherrygrove city if you have gotten the national pokedex

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Q: What tree do you headbutt in HeartGold to catch taillow?
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Where can you catch munchlax?

In Diamond,Pearl,and Platinum you have to slather honey on a tree. For heartgold and soulsilver you have to use headbutt on a tree.

How do you catch starly in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can catch starly in pewter city in a certain tree by using headbutt after obtaining the national dexIn Pewter City you have to use headbutt on a certain tree. To get to this tree go down to the 'city limits' and around the fence on the left then headbutt the tree 2nd from top. It might take a couple of tries but you should get it after a while.

Can you catch pineco in Pokemon HeartGold?

To catch Pineco in Pokemon HeartGold, you have to use the move Headbutt on a tree in New Bark Town.

How do you headbutt a tree in Pokemon HeartGold?

You teach a Pokemon headbutt, then go up to one of the large, triangle trees and press A.

How do you catch An Aipom in Pokemon Crystal?

headbutt tree

How do you get a seedot in pokemon heartgold?

Headbutt a tree in the Viridian Forest, you might also get a shroomish.

How do you get a Pineco in Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver?

Note: You need Headbutt.New Bark Town Headbutt Trees.CherryGrove City Headbutt him on your pokedex and it will be red instead of green that means you need to headbutt a tree using headbutt.

What does it mean on Pokemon Heartgold when it says There is a large formidable tree that looks like it can be headbutted?

It means, get a pokémon that knows headbutt, like psyduck, or sudowoodow or cranidos and headbutt a stupid tree! yay!

How do you get a Taillow in Gold?

Use surf to cross the southwest part of Cherrygrove City, use Rock Climb to climb the ledge, and then use Headbutt on the standalone tree there.

Where are the special trees in Cherrygrove City?

Use Surf to go to the left then use Rock Climb and use Headbutt in the tree in front of you and you can find a Taillow and this other Pokemon.

Where to catch burmy Pokemon HeartGold?

Go to Route 38 and use Rock Climb up to the little mountain there, once you get to the top use Headbutt at the tree where it's near the entrance of Route 39.

How to catch cheruby in Pokemon HeartGold?

If you enter the national park from Goldenrod city, you go northeast, where there is a hidden entrance for several items, you will need Headbutt and Rock Climb, use rock climb to scale the wall you would find and then headbutt on the topmost tree, you will find Cheruby appearing.