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The trainer in victory road

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Q: What trainer has lickilicky in platinum?
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Where can you find a trainer with lickilicky in platinum?

On Platinum in the Victory Road I forgot where a veteran has a lickilicky

Is there a trainer that has a lickilicky on Pokemon platinum?

You can find Veteran Clayton that has a Lickilicky (level 46) on victory road.

On Pokemon platinum which trainer has a lickilicky?

there is a trainer on victory road named veteran clide you are welcome!

What trainer has the Pokemon 162?

In Pokémon Platinum, 162 is Lickilicky and you can find a trainer named Veteran Clayton who is inside the Victory Road who has a Lickilicky.

Is there a trainer with a lickilicky on platinum?

Yes, in victory road, look for an old man

Wher can you find number 162 in Pokemon platinum?

Number 162 in Sinnoh Pokedex is Lickilicky and you can find it in a trainer's party on Victory Road.

What trainer has a lickylick in Pokemon platinum?

Go to the Pokemon center right outside of Victory Road and go in walk to the second area and battle the veteran trainer (Veteran Clayton), he has Lickilicky

Where is a trainer who has Lickilicky in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to catch Lickitung from the route before entering Veilstone City. Then, teach it Rollout and level it up. You will have Lickilicky. If you mean seeing it for Pokedex, it's in Victory Road; one of the Veterans have one.

Where can you find lickilicky in Pokemon platinum?

you have to evolve lickitung

What is Pokemon 162 in Pokemon platinum pokedex?


Where can you find a Lickilicky in Pokemon Platinum?

all you have to do is evolve lickitongue

Where do you catch lickilicky in platinum?

You have to evolve Lickitung into Lickilicky to get it. It evolves when it knows Roll Out. You can find Lickitung at Route 215. I hope I helped!