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It depends on if you choose cyndaquil for your starter Pokemon in the johto region. If not your rivel (Heart) might have it.

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Q: What trainer has cyndaquil in soul silver?
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What are the starters for soul silver?

Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Chikorita.

Can you breed cyndaquil if it is your starter in soul silver?


How do you get Cyndaquil?

You can use a Cyndaquil as a starter Pokemon in heart gold, soul silver, gold, silver, crystal and diamond pearl platinum.

What are the starters on HeartGold and soul silver?

chikorita,cyndaquil, totodile

How do you get cyndaquil totodile and chickorita on Pokemon soul silver?

with poke balls

What level does cyndaquil learn flamethower in soul silver?

Level 41

Who are the start Pokemon in Pokemon soul silver?

cyndaquil, tododile and chikorita.

What Pokemon do you get to choose from in the beginning of soul silver?

cyndaquil, chikorita, and totodile

Does anyone want to trade a soul silver Groudon for cyndaquil?


What are the three starter Pokemon in soul silver?

Cyndaquil totidile and chorkira

What are the starting Pokemon options for soul silver?

chikorita, totodile or cyndaquil

What is the best starter statistically in Pokemon soul silver?

Cyndaquil by far