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iirc there's one near the start of Victory Road, they're not on the path you take to get to the end so you may have missed it quite easily. it's the bottom left of the first level, you have to rock climb down to them. I believe the trainer is a psychic, and has several ghost-types.

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Q: What trainer has Gengar in Pokemon Platinum?
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What trainer in the game has gengar?

Psychic Bryce has a gengar in Pokemon platinum.

What trainer has a gengar in Pokemon platinum?

A trainer in Victory Road has a Gengar.

Is there a trainer in Pokemon platinum that has a Gengar?

There's a Psychic in Victory Road that owns one.

Where do you see Pokemon 71 in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokémon Number 71 is Gengar. A Victory Road trainer has 1.

Where do you find Gengar in Pokemon platinum?

1) Trade a haunter and trade it back 2) Battle a trainer in victory road

Where do you find Gengar on Pokemon platinum?

if you want the pokedex entry go to victory road go passed the first biridge and then use rock climb at the left there will be a trainer with gengar. if you want your own gengar trade a haunter

Where can you find Gengar on Pokemon platinum?

Gengar is a powerful ghost type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Platinum it is possible to capture one by going to the Old Chateau.

What Pokemon is number 71 in Pokemon Platinum?


What trainer has a gangar in Pokemon Platinum?

you can find gengar in victory road as you enter use rock climb and there i a physic train with it but in pearl and diamond fanita has it

Where is there a trainer in Pokemon Platinum with the Pokemon bagon?

Sorry but there isn't a trainer with a bagon in platinum.

What trainer has Gengar on Pokemon platuim?

A psychic in Victory Road

How do you get Gengar in Pokemon platinum?

trade from other games