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The trainer Skier Lexi on Route 217 has Eevee's evolution in Pokemon Platinum. The trainers on Route 212 and 214 also have Eevee.

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Q: What trainer has Eevee in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where can you find a trainer with espion in Pokemon Platinum?

to get one you raise eevee to max happiness during the DAY.

What trainer has Glaceon in Pokemon Platinum?

No Trainer has a Glaceon in Pokemon Platinum, You have to evolve it from your eevee given too. If it was already evolved, then you have to ask your friend if he has it to trade. If you have Eevee, then go to Snowpoint City and Go down until you see on single tree in the middle of snow then turn right, go up until you see he ice rock and lvl up eevee there and you have a glaceon

Which trainer has a leafeon on platinum?

I am not sure which trainer has a leafeon, but if you need one on your pokedex get an eevee from bebe in hearthome (house next to Pokemon Center) and level it up next to the mossy rock in eterna forest. Another way to get eevee's is to talk to the guy in the Pokemon mansion south of hearthome and if he says there is an eevee in there then go get it.

Where is there a trainer in Pokemon Platinum with the Pokemon bagon?

Sorry but there isn't a trainer with a bagon in platinum.

Where to get Eevee in Pokemon Platinum?

a lady in a house next to the Pokemon center will give you an eevee

What trainer has kingdra in Pokemon Platinum?

no one no trainer has a kingdra in Pokemon platinum exept for me :P

How find an eevee on Pokemon platinum?

in kq

What Pokemon needs a stone to evolve on Pokemon platinum?


How do you evolve your Eevee into Vaporeon on Pokemon platinum?

You use a water stone on your Eevee.

Where can you see an umbreon on Pokemon platinum?

On Route 212, a trainer has it. That is, if you just want to see it to complete the dex. There is no where to catch it on platinum, though. You'll have to make an eevee happy at night to make it evolve into an umbreon.

Which Pokemon on Pokemon platinum evolves from the leaf stone?

i think eevee

What trainer has a cleffa in Pokemon Platinum?

The trainer on Route 209 has Cleffa in Pokemon Platinum. Cleffa is a fairy type Pokemon and can evolve into Clefairy.