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the safari zone is by lilycove.walk left its by mt pyre where the twins are standing to get there go to lilycove and then go left until u reach gates. then just maneuver through the gates until u get to the twins. if u hadn't already battle them and then go up the stairs and go into building. talk to man and go inside. Have fun in safari!

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Q: What town is the safari zone in on Pokemon emerald?
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Where is ponyta in the safari zone on emerald?

Answer:Nowhere, Ponyta is not in the Safari Zone in Pokemon Emerald.

Where is the safari zone extension in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Safari Zone Extension in FireRed. Only in Pokemon Emerald.

Where is pickachu in Pokemon emerald?

in the safari zone

How do you get rhyhorn in Pokemon emerald?

safari zone

Pokemon Emerald where is kangaskhan?

safari zone

How do you get wobuffett in Pokemon?

ruby, common in safari zone sapphire, common in safari zone emerald, common in safari zone

Where do you get Pikachu at the safari zone in Pokemon Emerald?

Pikachu can be found in the first area of the safari zone.

Where to get pinsir in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to Safari Zone.

How can you get to catch national Pokemon on emerald?

safari zone

How do you catch a Pikachu on Pokemon emerald?

safari zone

Where can you find hondour in Pokemon emerald?

Safari Zone.

What diamond Pokemon do you catch in the safari zone in Pokemon emerald?