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go 2 spear pillar

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Q: What to do after you see rival at lake acuity?
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Where do I go after I see Rival at Lake Acuity?


Why is there no rival at the lake acuity?

Did you go to the other lakes cause you need to go to lake acuity at the end and you need the HM rock climb.

In Pokemon diamond where can you find your rival at acuity lakefront?

go in the lake enterance and he or she should be there.

Why isn't my rival in a scene with team galactic at lake acuity?

Because you're not using Platinum. -hope this helps

How do you get to Lake Acuity in Pokemon platinum version?

You need to beat candice (snow point city) then you get rock climb. You go <------- fromm the city go past the grass area and the place where you met your rival rock clib that and you'll see your rival battling a Galtica

How do you get Jupiter to go to lake acuity in Pokemon diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, Jupiter doesn't go to Lake Acuity. Instead, she can be found at Team Galactic's headquarters in Veilstone City. You'll have to battle her there as part of the game's storyline.

Pokemon diamond Where to find a teddurisa?

route 217, lake acuity, acuity lakefront, but you have to use the dongle method (see bulbapedia)

What do you do when you help damion in lake acuity in Pokemon diamond?

After helping your rival at Lake Acuity, your next step is to complete the gym in Snowpoint City. If you've already completed the gym and have the Icicle Badge, your next step is to make it to Veilstone City to deal with Team Galactic's HQ.

Where is your friend after you see him at lake acuity on Pokemon plaitnum?

go to snowpoint city ;)

Where is the cave at lake acuity?

The middle of the lake :)

In Pokemon diamond where is Lake Acuity?

Lake Acuity is to the east of Snowpoint City, and you pass Acuity Lakefront on your way to Snowpoint City from route 217.

What do you do after you are at lake Acuity?

get to lake acuity the first time and the team galactic members will stop you so then go to the snow point city gym leader and battle her and defeat her and the team galactic grunts will go away. then go inside and you will see your rival helping galactic boss Jupiter out of the water and will know the he is a fool to help Jupiter and will go away crying. after this you are allowed to go to to sunny shore city.