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go to YouTube and hear tag force song :- your beautiful . And at the end of the song they will tell you what to do. But take care you can hear the song from september 30th onwords.

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Q: What to do after you get your 8th badge in Pokemon enerald?
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What is the eighth badge on Pokemon Diamond called?

The 8th Badge in Pokemon Diamond is called The Beacon Badge.

How do you get to the eighth badge on Pokemon pearl?

== == You get the 8th gym badge in Sunyshore City. Hope this helps

Where do you get the 8th gym badge on Pokemon diamond?

Sunnyshore City Gym: Electric (beacon badge from Volkner)

How do you get the 8th gym badge in Pokemon diamond?

you beat the gym leader

How do you make a level 98 Pokemon obey?

Get the 8th Gym Badge.

How do you get the eighth gym badge in Pokemon fired?

You can obtain the 8th gym badge (the earth badge) in fire red from Giovanni in Viridian City.

Pokemon heartgold how do you get the 8th gym badge?

It is your rival from Pokemon fire red and leaf green versions.

Where is the 8th badge gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in Viridian city. the one that was locked.

Where do you go in viridian city for the eighth badge on Pokemon fire red?

You must go to the Pokemon Gym. Beat the gym leader and he awards you with the 8th gym badge

What to do in Pokemon Gold after 7th badge?

go through the ice path to blackthorn city and beat clair tp get the 8th badge

How do you find Zapdos in pokemon leafgreen?

Get the 7th or 8th gym badge, and its in the Power Plant.

Where do you find the 8th badge in Pokemon in leafgreen?

You can get it from the Viridian City GYM. Good Luck!