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Go to prof. elm to get a masterball then leave the building, turn right and go to the ocean and surf until you get to the other side the your in kanto! if your ready, u wont go back 4 a while so be prepared and hop over the thing and go to the indego platue. when you win you go to saffron city to get the 8 badges in the Kanto region!

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Q: What to do after you beat the 8th gym in Pokemon silver?
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In Pokemon soul silver what do you do after you beat the 7 gym?

move to the 8th gym

How do you tune in to last line of the radio on Pokemon silver?

Beat the 8th gym in Kanto

What do you do after you beat the senenth gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?

you go to blackthorn city to fight the 8th gym leader

How Do You Get Inside The Dragon's Den In Pokemon Soul Silver?

In the original Pokemon Silver you had to beat the 8th gym leader, Claire, then she allowed you to pass.

What do you do after you beat the 7th gym in pokemon soulsilver?

beat the 8th gym

How do you get the 8th gym badge in Pokemon diamond?

you beat the gym leader

How do you beat the third gym leader in Pokemon silver?

You beat all of her Pokemon. You beat all of her Pokemon.

How do you get waterfall Pokemon emerald?

beat the 8th gym

What Pokemon do you need to beat the 8th gym leader in silver?

Since Clair (the gym leader) is a dragon type, I suggest using a powerful ice type.

How do you get the viridian gym leader to the gym on pokemon soul silver?

beat the other 7 gyms in kanto and talk to the 8th gym leader on cinnabar island. he will leave and go back to the gym

Where to get water pulse TM in ruby Pokemon?

8th gym leader

When does the 8th gym leader Claire come back in Pokemon silver?

whenever u beat team rocket at the warehouse in goldenrod