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After going to Luciva city in Pokemon Dark Cry, a person must fight the gym leader, Surge. Dark Cry is a non-official Pokemon game.

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Q: What to do after going to luciva city in Pokemon dark cry?
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How do you et to dark moon city in Pokemon dimond?

there is no dark moon city

Pokemon HeartGold how do you get to the dark cave?

the dark cave is near the sairs to vilot city

Where is crown city in Sinnoh in Pokemon?

There is no crown city in the Pokemon diamond,pearl and platinum only it's only in the anime. In the anime they go to cities that are not in the game. Like they go to dark city in Kanto, but in Pokemon blue,red,yellow,fire red and leaf green there is no dark city

Where to revive the dark stone in Pokemon white version?

Narcene City.

Where is the dark cave in Pokemon Gold?

Route 31, outside of violet city.

How do you catch dark ria in Pokemon diamond?

in the look door in canalave city

How do you get a wobbuffet in Pokemon Soul Silver?

in the dark cave near blackthorn city

How do you get to dark cave in Pokemon Crystal?

It's just before violet city

What Pokemon is dark?

any Pokemon that is a dark type any Pokemon that is a dark type

What is the name of the Pokemon episode in which Pikachu falls in love with ketchup?

AnswerThe episode in which Pikachu has an emotional attachment to a bottle of ketchup is called Showdown at Dark City. It is in the Pokemon Indigo League first season.

How do you use the hm flash in Pokemon gold?

Teach a move to a Pokemon that can learn it via HM and then, after defeating Falkner in Violet City, select that Pokemon in your party and select Flash to light up dark caves, such as Dark Tunnel.

How do you get dark Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

there arent dark Pokemon in any Pokemon game.