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Q: What time does the opening cermony start?
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When is the opening cermony of london olympics?

They start at 9 PM GMT time witch is about 4 eastern 1 PM PST

When do the 2012 paralympics start and finish?

It starts at 29th August (opening cermony) and finishes on 9th September

Did Guyana took part in the opening cermony of the 2012 Olympics?

Yes, they did!

When was the olympic 2012 opening cermony?

It was held Friday July 27 2012

Ticket cost for Vancouver Canada winter olympic opening cermony?


What time does the opening ceremony start for the 2012 Olympics in Dallas?

What time does the olympic opening ceremony start in Dallas, Texas on Friday night

What time does the opening ceremony for the Olympics start?


What time does the London Paralympics opening ceremony start?

by farting

What time exact does Christmas Day start at?

Twelve am, although I learned the hard way that is not time to start opening your presents.

Who is the opening act for supertramp at the o2 and what time do they start playing?

No support, start approx 20.20.

What time in Australia does the Olympics opening ceremony start?

6am on 28.07.

What time does the Olympic Opening ceremony start in Illinois?

It doesn't - as it is in London....