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A capella

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Q: What term refers to music sung without accompaniment?
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Music is sung without instrumental accompaniment?

a cappella

What kind of music is sung without instumental accompaniment?


What is A Capella music?

A capella is when a song is sung without accompaniment.

What is Christian monophonic music?

Music that consists of melody only, without harmony or accompaniment, usually sung.

What is it when there is no music just words?

Acapella is music sung without accompaniment. Spoken word is verse (poetry, etc.) spoken without music.

What does appella mean?

You may be thinking of the term 'a cappella'. It refers to music that is sung by voices without accompaniment on instruments of any kind. It comes from Cappella Sistina, the pope's chapel in Rome, where this was the only way liturgical music was performed.

What is opera music?

Opera is a play to be sung by one or more persons with instrumental accompaniment and acted in costume. Therefore 'opera music' is the accompaniment.

What do you call a song that is sung by voices alone and without musical accompaniment?

Accapella is when voices sing without instrumental accompaniment.

Gregorian chant consists of?

melody sung without accompaniment

What do you call songs sung alone?

A song sung by only one singer, with or without instrumental accompaniment, is called a solo. A song sung by one or more singers without instrumental accompaniment is called a cappella.

What does accompaniment mean in music?

Where a piece of music is built around a melody which is sung or played on a solo instrument, other instruments which supply harmonic and rhythmic support are called the accompaniment.

How would you describe opera music?

Opera music is an accompaniment, excepting for overtures or such like, to a play to be sung by one or more persons and acted in costume.

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