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press L and R and the first one in party should be celebi and the code for diamond and pearl 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 100002E0 0000FFFF 100002E2 00008A18 000002E4 000F423F 00006174 3B9AC9FF 000002A8 1064D81D 00006218 000F423F 00006198 000F423F 000061A0 000F423F 0000619C 000F423F 1000624E 0000270F 10006252 0000270F 00003C98 000F423F 00003CA4 000F423F 00003CA8 000F423F 00003C9C 000F423F 00003CB0 000F423F 00003CB4 000F423F 00003CCC 000F423F 10006236 0000270F 10006238 0000270F 1000623A 0000270F 1000623C 0000270F 1000623E 0000270F 10006240 0000270F 10006242 0000270F 10006244 0000270F 10006246 0000270F 10006248 0000270F 10006864 0000270F E0000304 000000EC 301945FD 237C0000 6A75F899 612DC01C C2EDDE22 6FD624F0 9E28169E 3CD87B3C B6E09646 F5E555BC A80A7473 15D6D7F7 6CB0F1C6 20BB1275 C7B0E867 7A6FBF5A D7282B62 D449083E 848483C2 ACDCBBE2 80A9DEA2 A1612DF9 F734AF02 4B33962E F16B6C19 94C22F5A 40E95B7A 020F8DAB B4028D33 BEC4EFBA 9441DCFD A5809DE4 ACC58EEB F112A7ED DC108CC4 C4E2905A ED7160F3 9E997DB2 CCF51740 5622C1AF 43AE4AB3 7140E654 EBF7F788 98872839 95B06A3C F200297D 0AE2F88A AE3EC8EF AD3762F7 45D3DCD3 72885736 1A05D5E5 16B4B4CD 6CC28E9E 96B377F8 E3D0CAB5 48EA6ECD 0B482AE7 26C01CA0 00000000 200013BA 00000000 200013B9 00000019 E00013BB 00000018 01010101 01010101 01010101 01010101 01010101 01010101 200013D3 00000001 D2000000 00000000 and platinum 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 1000008C 0000FFFF 1000008E 00008A27 00000090 000F423F 00000050 1064F93F 00003CC8 000F423F 00003CD4 000F423F 00003CD8 000F423F 00003CCC 000F423F 00003CFC 000F423F 100068F4 0000270F 100068F6 0000270F 100068F8 0000270F 100068FA 0000270F 100068FC 0000270F 100068FE 0000270F 10006900 0000270F 10006902 0000270F 10006904 0000270F 10006906 0000270F 10007248 0000270F E00000B4 000000EC 430A4309 C9AE0000 DF3F685D 13DF6111 E3A25799 E4DA0C32 B2AE2DFA 0E6743D7 50CCBDDD 271C2AA7 8923184F 43868D23 66E0564D E8D51EA7 C6C2BE1D 9835B035 DF4D09F8 EB6BC84E 6757829F 2B74FA7E 967A4B56 66F3F32B BFDB378A 9E691E2E 6C11926D 7A02C1F0 6DC732A6 FE4FEF2C 5BDF0B8E EE195619 D8440D78 3A159DC0 ACD2AA30 413E6EFC D2B9CDC1 AF317D36 98ACD5D0 21BFA576 53A3F897 EF19E3D8 EC6875EC BE60CD96 D2CBCE69 FBA36E9C 26624741 C63AA627 06D67810 6C55A61C C69BFF99 A1301194 6E416FE9 E2847F9B 2109D8BC C1406635 36BB9420 0178B1A1 1EB63958 C59D8BE0 6048DA02 00000000 D2000000 00000000 hope it works and helps

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Q: What te action replay code for shiny Celebi?
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Is there an action replay code for Celebi on Pokemon diamond?

There is an Action Replay code for Celebi on Pokemon Diamond. After entering the code, walk through areas of grass to encounter the Celebi.

What is the action replay code for getting Celebi in Pokemon platinum?

There is no action replay code for getting celebi just catch it in pokemon leaf green

What is the action replay code to keep your Pokemon shiny after you take out the action replay?

they stay shiny

Is there a code to undo a shiny Pokemon action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

yes you can get shiny Pokemon with action replay

How do you keep Pokemon shiny after using all shiny action replay code?

You have to keep the action replay code all shiny Pokemon activated or else you can not keep youre shiny Pokemon. You have to keep the action replay code all shiny Pokemon activated or else you can not keep youre shiny Pokemon.

Is there an action replay code to make shiny eggs If so what is the code?

No. There's no action replay code. But you could do it on a Pokesav.

Action replay code for shiny Giratina?

There might not be a code

What is an action replay code to get celebi in Pokemon Pearl?

to get the code go to or go to Google and type Pokemon pearl action replay codes..

What is the code for perminet shiny Pokemon?

There is a cheat on Action Replay, and i know because i have action replay.

Is there an action replay code for shiny Pokemon just in party that stay shiny?


Pokemon Platinum shiny ninetails action replay code?

an action replay code for just 1 Pokemon is really long try getting a code to turn all Pokemon shiny

Where do you capture Celebei in Pokemon Heartgold?

Im sorry to say but you can not catch the legenedry celebi in Pokemon heart gold but you can get action replay and type in the code for action replay to catch celebi or you could go to the next celebi event