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in sapphire snorunt evolves into glalie by level 42. only and diamond and pearl does it evolve by stone. Use a dawn stone on a female snorunt to get froslass

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Q: What stone evolves snorunt in sapphire?
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What evolves into froslass?

A Snorunt evolves into a Froslass> How to evolve Snorunt? First you have to get a Dawn Stone and use it on a FEMALE Snorunt

When does snorunt evolve?

It evolves at leval 72 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heheSnorunt evolves into two different pokemon.Level 42 Snorunt evolves into GlalieUse a Dawn Stone on a female Snorunt to evolve it into Froslass.

What Pokemon in Pokemon white evolves with a dawn stone?

kirlia male snorunt female kirlia evolves to galade snorunt evolves to frostlass

What stone evolves snorunt in platinum?

Use a Dawn Stone on A Female Snorunt to evolve it into Frosl*** a.k.a Froslass

Who evolves from dawn stone?

A snorunt which you can find on the poke'gear.

How do you evolve snorunt into galie and froslass? evolves from a GLALIE. at lvl 42 hope this helps EDIT;; Yes, in fact. A female Snorunt evolves into Froslass when exposed to radiation from ... dawn stone. ^^ But if you don't do it before level 42, it evolves into Glalie.

When does Snorunt evolve in Pokemon Sapphire?

snorunt will evolve in lavel 43 and he also learns blizzardSnorunt evolves into Glaile at level 42.

What does a dawn stone evolves in Pokemon HeartGold?

Dawn stone evolves a male Kirlia into Gallade, and a female Snorunt into Frosslass.

What to evolve snorunt diamond?

You can evolve Snorunt into two different pokemon. If you want to have a Glalie level it to Lv 42. If you have a female Snorunt you can also evolve it to Froslass, Just give her a dawn stone. If you don´t have a dawn stone you can find one at route 225.

What Pokemon does a does a dawn stone evolve?

It evolves a male Kirlia into a Gallade and a female Snorunt into a Froslass.The Dawn Stone evolves a male Kirlia into allade and it evolves a female Snorunt into Froslass.

How does froslass evolve?

She evolves from a female Snorunt when exposed to a Dawn Stone.

How do you evolve a snorunt to become a glalie?

What you realy have to do is get a MALE snorunt and when it gets to lvl. 42 it evolves into galie If you whant frosslass get a female forslas and get a dawn stone then evolve it with a dawn stone my glalie and frosslass are level:100 liek all my other Pokemon