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Starly doesn't need a stone to evolve. It can simply evolve at level 14. Once it is a Staravia, then you would need to level it up to 34 to make it evolve to Staraptor. (A good Pokemon in my opinion.)

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Q: What stone can make a starly evolve?
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How does starly evolve?

Once it reaches level 14, Starly will evolve into Staravia. At level 34, Staravia will then evolve into Staraptor.

What level will starly evolve at?

starly evolves into staravia at level 14

How do you evolve the third evolution of starly?

Starly only evolves twice, so Staraptor is the final evolution and can't evolve. In fact, no pokemon can evolve three times, so it wouldn't be smart to assume that Starly can.

When does Starly evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

Starly evolves into Staravia at Level 15.

What level does starly evolve at?

Starly evolves into Staravia when it's a level 14.Starly evolves at level 14!

How do you get staravia?

You have to evolve a Starly first

What stone do you need to make Groudon evolve?

Groudon does not evolve, therefore no stone will make Groudon evolve.

Where can you find a shiny starly on Pokemon diamond?

To get a Staravia you have to evolve starly or trade

What level does starapter evolve a?

starly 14 staravia 34 staraptor does not evolve

How to get a staraptor in pokemon diamond?

you catch a Starly and evolve it.

What level does starly evolve in pokenmon platnium?


Where do you find staravia in Pokemon Gold?

You have to evolve a starly