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There's 3 stickers you can collect: Hall of Fame sticker, Egg sticker and the Victory sticker. The hall of fame sticker will be given to you when you defeat the elite four and the Pokemon champion, the egg sticker will be given to you when you hatch a Pokemon egg, the victory sticker will be given to you when you defeat a friend in a link battle.

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Q: What stickers can you get in pokemon LeafGreen?
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When do you know your done with the game Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have all the pokemon, got the diploma, got all the stickers.

What should you do after you have finished the game and caught every Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you finished the game and caught every Pokemon in leafgreen there are two things you can do try the trainer tower on seven island or get the diploma and collect all the stickers for your trainer card.

What do you do now on Pokemon LeafGreen?

okay nothing much trade with friends and earn stickers from the egg kid one four island

What is a big achievement in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Getting the diploma which means you own every Pokemon, collecting all the stickers, defeating the trainer tower on all modes, training every evolution Pokemon to level 100.

Can you trade Pokemon LeafGreen with Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes you can trade leafgreen version Pokemon to another leafgreen version.

How do you get stickers in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Stickers? no stickers no avla your language

How do you get a elactabuzz in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Not in Pokemon leafgreen only in Pokemon Firered never ever in Pokemon leafgreen And in Pokemon firered it is rare in power plant not available in Pokemon leafgreen?

What you do after compeleting the national pokedex in LeafGreen?

Whatever you want you can try the trainer tower on seven island, train your Pokemon to level 100, collect all the stickers on four island.

Pokemon LeafGreen where are locations of hard to find Pokemon in Pokemon leafgreen?

you should go to gamestop

How do you dual slot Pokemon from Pokemon LeafGreen to Pokemon Pearl?

On Pokemon Pearl's title screen, if the Pokemon LeafGreen game is in the GBA slot, click on "Transfer From LeafGreen" and you can choose six Pokemon from LeafGreen to transfer to Pearl, but be careful-you can't trade them back.

What if you cant trade Pokemon from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

HelloSorry to say but you cant trade Pokemon from pearl to leafgreen but you can migrate Pokemon from leafgreen to pearl via the pal park

How do you get manaphy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Manaphy is a legendary water type of Pokemon. It is not possible to get this Pokemon in the game Pokemon LeafGreen.