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well the first sport that started with a face off was your momma chest hairs lol

naw i am only kidden it was Baseball because it

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Q: What sport is started with a face off?
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Lacrosse games are started with what?

a face off for the ball

In which sport might you see a face-off?

In hockey. You might see a face off at the start of each period and after every stoppage of play, including a goal.

Which country this sport skiing begin?

It started on a Navy Ship off the coast of Scotland after a blizzard in 1283

Who started the sport?

No-one REALLY started sport it just became a general catergory

Who started the sport swimming?

It was started by the Greeks.

How was bmx invented?

it started with kids racing bikes and started to race on dirt tracks. Then the sport got more serious and started to do tricks like bunny hops or a tail whip off a jump.

Where the sport has started?

in Greece

What sport started in Iran?


Which sport was started in maharashtra?


Who started sport?

I was Liam Zisis

What is Sport and Design Technology?

your face fam

What does sport mean like not the physical sport?

its like to show it off like if someone says that your a good sport the mean a good show off:) like to sport is to have it visible or to show it off!!